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Cutting To The Chase

Let’s be frank, there is tons of information on the internet. Some is good, some is bad; but you don’t have the time to shift and sort through all that. You need high quality information about solar power for homes to make an informed decision without the corporate sales pressure and twisted technical jargon that results in you buying something that is more than you need.

The Solution to Your Information Overload

That’s where my website fits in. I have done all the work for you. My website is a consolidation of all the latest relevant information that you could ever need about solar power for homes to make an informed decision on what type of home solar power system to install on your property.

The Rub

I’m going to be honest, there is a decent amount of information you will become familiar with and consider before your purchase; but I know that as the kind of person seeking a socially conscious and financially wise decision, like implementing solar power on your property, you don’t just buy the first thing you see anyways–you research it!

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Then we have to figure out how much your new solar system will cost to install so use our solar calculator to get an idea by clicking on the Calculating Costs button.

After you know how much it will cost, we can investigate all the ways to pay for your system–even one’s you don’t have to pay back–by clicking on the Financing button.

Last click on the Solar Installer button to find various solar installers in your area to get quotes from.

But don’t stop there though. I have spent countless hours creating content and writing articles about tons of topics applicable to solar power for homes to help you learn more so don’t hesitate to click on the Articles tab and check out my recommendations for Books on the subject as well.

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