About Christopher Lollini

Dear Friend,

solar power for your home, Chris Lollini

My name is Christopher Lollini.

I know that’s a formal introduction, but my mother always encourages me to use my full name.

If this is your first time visiting my sight, welcome! And if you’ve visited before,
thank you for your support of my site by returning.

I want to tell you why I created this site, my company, and a little about myself.

Bottom line is: I created this site for you!

Why, you say? Well through my own experience studying and researching solar energy systems I realized there wasn’t all that much solid information that a homeowner could actually use. Search Engines would just returns pages upon pages of results of solar panels for sale and solar installer company names.

How are you supposed to figure out if solar even makes sense with all that noise?!

Hence why I created this site and my company, Solar Resource Collaborative, LLC. My goal, with your help of course, is to continuously provide the Web with a resource for homeowners so that they have a true friend in the solar industry that cuts through all the noise and provides them with sound advice based on years of experience and research in the field.

I’ve done all the work, studying and research for you.

So all you have to do is take all of the information I have compiled for you in one place and learn
how easy it is for you to have a solar energy system installed on your property.

My mother is a former teacher, and I am following her lead; sharing all my knowledge on the
subject of home solar power systems with you so that you can make the right decisions for yourself.

Sustainable planning, design, and construction are my passions, and this is part of the
reason I have chosen to educate people about the benefits of installing solar power systems
in their homes. Together, one home at a time we can make a difference by reducing our carbon

Is solar power a panacea for everything unsustainable about our lifestyles?
No, but it is a very sizable piece to a larger puzzle. We can talk land-use patterns and city
planning another time :-)

So this is my goal for this site.

I want this site to educate you and inspire you to install a home solar power system.

I’ll do my best to make this the best website about everything that deals with the topic of solar power for homes on the internet, and it is my hope that you allow me the privilege of being your friend, motivator, and guide in your quest for installing the perfect system for your energy needs.

In the event that you care, here’s a little more about me.

I have to admit, I’ve always been a nerd and always loved school. I earned my Bachelor’s of Science in Systems Engineering focusing on Robotics and Environmental Engineering from the United States Naval Academy. I then earned a Master’s of Science in Civil Engineering as well as a Master’s of City Planning from the University of California, Berkeley. Go Bears!

I am currently working towards a Master’s of Engineering Management for my work in the field of Nuclear
Engineering with the United States Navy–I know it’s a non-renewable resource, maybe this is me trying to
balance the world by promoting a renewable energy resource :-)

As a high school senior I designed my own wind tunnel to test different wing designs and subsequently
earned the Science Award for my graduating class. You could say I have always been interested in how things
work and I can’t stop myself from learning.

Since my job training and work in the field of nuclear power are quite demanding of my time, it’s
hard to stay up-to-date with everything I would like to know about our world. But since Environmental
Engineering has been an interest of mine since my formative years of study while at the Academy, it’s
the one thing I am pouring my passion and energy into right now. The result is this website.

I hope you find the information on this site useful and informative.

Remember, our planet is after all our planet, and we must live with the mess we make upon it, so cherish it and treat it well.

Warm regards,

Christopher Lollini, M.C.P. & M.S.