Solar Fan

Installing a solar fan can improve your home’s cooling capabilities immensely. We all know that heat rises right…but it doesn’t just go from your floor right up into the atmosphere.

All that hot air often gets trapped in your attic or the space between your roof and ceiling. The problem is that it often stagnates there and only continues to serve as a heat blanket over your entire house reducing the effectiveness of your air conditioning system.

Now what if you could remove this heat blanket from above your head and draw that hot air out of your home without any addiontal operational cost to you? Well there is an option, enter the solar fan. These nifty devices easily install into your home’s roof and under the power of the Sun slowly remove that undesirable hot air that would otherwise be heating your home. To the left is an example of one of the cool, no pun intended, devices.

As you can see it mounts into your roof and with an internal solar panel it powers itself. With the fan on it draws that unwanted hot air out of your attic space creating a cooling effect in your home’s higher places. This also allows more heat from your home to escape to the attic and eventually be removed by the fan as well. As you can see from the image to the right this can have a very power effect on the cooling of your home.

Though small these can be very effective ways to remove heat from your home and reduce your home air conditioning bills as you won’t be fighting to heat the excess warm air trapped in your home.

Something to be aware of is that you are putting a hole in your roof. I would recommend a professional installation of these devices by a qualified solar installer to ensure that your roof’s integrity is not compromised. Not to mention a professional installation will ensure that the flashing is installed properly and you don’t end up with a leaky roof come the winter months which could quickly result in water damage that would remove the financial savings on your home air conditioning bill.