Solar Thermosyphon Heater System

If your water usage is too high or you require hot water throughout the day making a batch heater system inadequate for your needs, take a look at a solar thermosyphon heater system to fulfill your needs.

The thermosyphon is another heater system that is a simple, passive system and hands down the most popular solar water heater throughout the world. Chances are you have seen one of these if you have ever lived in an area where sun is readily available. They are easily recognizable because the tank is located directly above the collector.

solar power water heating - thermosyphon system

This is an example of a thermosyphon system for solar power water heating

Now that you know exactly what I am talking about :-) thermosyphon systems work on the principal that heat rises. So in this open-loop system your potable water enters the bottom of the collector and rises into the tank as the suns rays warm it. The image below is a visual representation of this process.

Realize that this type ofopen-loop systems can only be used in non-freezing climates. In colder climates, an anti-freeze solution is used as a heat-transfer fluid in a closed loop system with freeze-tolerant piping. When water is demanded, your potable water flows into the tank and is heated using a heat exchanger in the tank vice directly absorbing the sun’s rays.

The big advantage of this system over a solar batch heater system is that water can be used throughout the day without worrying about overnight losses thanks to the well insulated tank.

Below is an illustration that should visually explain how the thermosyphon heater system works.