Batch Solar Power Water Heaters

Batch solar power water heaters have been in use for many years. They use a simple ICS (integrated collector storage) system which combines the storage tank and solar heat collector into a single unit mounted on the roof.

The ICS is just a tank of water encapsulated in an insulated box covered with glass. The ICS is placed in the sun and facing south for maximum exposure. The cold water is piped into the bottom of the tank while the water heated by the sun is removed from the top of the tank.

When hot water is demanded from the home, the hot water in the top of the tank is moved into the house and cold water is pushed into the bottom of the tank in its place.

Since there is no pump used in this type of system it is classified as a “passive” system. With the potable water used in the home directly heated by the sun this is an “open-loop” system.

If you live in a moderate climate with good sunshine available the batch heater is probably the best value for generating solar hot water for your home. Add on the relatively low cost, easy installation, and overall simplicity of a solar batch heater you have a real winner on your hands.

Take a look at the image below for a visual representation of how a batch solar hot water system works.

batch solar water heater

This is an example of a batch solar power water heating system