All Home Solar Power Systems

Now let’s talk about how different home solar power systems convert the Sun’s energy into usable energy which can be be used to power any number of machines and appliances within you home.

There are several types of home solar power systems available which can serve your energy needs in a variety of ways. Below I will give you a brief rundown of each of these systems. For more information about any systems just click on the link to read more about that specific system.

Solar Power Electricity Systems

Solar power electricity systems use the Sun’s light energy, the photons, to generate an electric current through the use of specific materials in solar cells. These solar cells are strong together in a solar panel to capture the Sun’s light energy and produce the electricity necessary to power your home appliances.

Solar Water Heating Systems

Solar water heating systems use the Sun’s energy to heat water in a specially designed solar collector and then pump it into the home’s water heater systems. There are several variations of this system, so read up on these various systems so that you get the right one for your climate. These are simple systems that are often overlooked when weighing one’s home solar power systems options.

Solar Heating and Cooling

Solar heating and cooling systems are an option homeowners are rarely aware of. This option can range from simple to a highly involved process. A simple application of this is to use the normal laws of convection to remove the warm air trapped at the top of your home for cooling or use an air collector to pump warm air into the home. A more complex application involves installing piping throughout the flooring of the home to circulate hot water heated by the Sun throughout the home. So take a closure look at these system types.

Solar Pool Heating Systems

Solar pool heating systems are the easiest and simplest of all the systems to install. These systems can be integrated into your current pool filtration and heating system quite easily. These systems end of saving you lots of money quickly by reducing those outrageous pool heating bills to nothing.

Now that you know what’s out there take a look through the different systems available and find out more information about each to see which will work best for you.

home solar power systems

Example of a Grid Tied Solar Electric System for Solar Power for your Home

Solar Hot Water

One example of a solar hot water system

solar pool heating

An example of using solar power to heat your swimming pool.