Homeowner’s Solar Installation Handbook – a Solar Power eBook

Are you a homeowner who is getting ready for a solar installation on your property?

“Warning!  Before you start your solar installation, or spend a single dime of your hard-earned cash on solar panels…you need to be a well-informed consumer.  What I’m going to reveal could literally save you thousands of dollars…and hours of frustration.”

If you’re ready to dramatically reduce your heat and electric bills, and you’re serious about moving forward with your solar installation…there’s no reason for you to learn hard lessons about solar energy through costly, time-consuming mistakes…

Dear Energy Conscious Friends:

Are you sick of writing big checks to your local utility company each month?

Do you look out the window on a sunny day and think, “All that energy pouring down on my property – and best of all – it’s free?”

You already know all the benefits of using renewable energy sources – like solar energy – instead of natural gas, petroleum, coal, or nuclear electric; but is your property a good candidate for a solar installation?

If you’ve been considering switching some (or all) of your home’s power source to solar energy…before you invite some fast-talking solar sales guy over to inspect your roof…

You need to become a well-informed consumer…

As more and more people “go green,” solar energy has become big business.

(For example, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the number of photovoltaic (i.e. solar panel) shipments in the U.S. nearly doubled from 2007 to 20081. )

Unfortunately, as with any hot market, there are the “good guys” – those who are highly qualified to conscientiously work with you on the development, installation, testing, and start-up of your solar energy system… and there’s the “bad guys”…those greedy monsters that have simply jumped on the solar bandwagon to make a fast buck.

The challenge:  having enough knowledge about solar power to figure out which is which…

You’ve probably already crunched the numbers.  Sure – everybody wants to be good to the environment – but a key factor in your decision to install solar energy on your property is the potential to significantly lower your electric bill…right?

The fact is…the amount you can shave off your electric bill each month is only one…of many…criteria that need to be considered before investing in and installing a solar system…

For example…

-         There are several types of home solar power systems such as photovoltaic; solar hot water; pool heating; and air heating and cooling.  It’s imperative that you choose the right system for the right function.

-         Are your home and property suited for solar?  There’s much more to a “site evaluation” than just picking a sunny location.

-         Did you know that your solar project requires special approvals?  Mess this up and you’ll have solar panels attached to your roof…with no connection to the power grid.

-         Solar systems require maintenance.  Just like you maintain your furnace and other mechanical systems in your home — your solar power system also requires routine maintenance to extend its life.  You need to be clear about what’s involved and the costs.

And this is just the “tip of the iceberg.”

Solar energy is a fascinating world…with lots of nuances.  For the serious environmentalist, who is ready to make the investment to switch to solar…there’s an overwhelming amount to learn.  So much, that it might feel like you need a PhD to complete your solar project the right way…

…meet Christopher Lollini…the guy who will help you separate the “solar facts from fiction.”

In many respects, his passion and knowledge for renewable energy – specifically solar power – are inherited.

His father is an architect.  Chris grew up peeking over his Dad’s shoulder as he designed and managed the construction for commercial building projects.

Chris’ mother is a former teacher.  From her, Chris learned how to share knowledge – even about difficult topics such as solar energy – in easy-to-understand formats.

Chris is a self-proclaimed “nerd.”  As a high school senior, he earned the Science Award in his graduating class by designing a wind tunnel to test wing designs.  He went on to earn a Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineering from the United States Naval Academy – focusing on Robotics and Environmental Engineering.  Chris is currently working towards a Masters of Engineering Management.

Uncle Sam spotted his talents.  Right now, Chris works in the Nuclear Engineering department for the U.S. Navy…

And while doing all of that…he’s been working to earn his certification by the North American Board of Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) in the fields of solar sales; and solar photovoltaics and thermal energy installation.

Chris is also the CEO and Founder of Solar Resource Collaborative, LLC – a San Francisco-based company dedicated to expanding solar energy use by educating consumers.

So it should be no surprise…Chris Lollini is also a solar installation expert.

And…he’s on your side.  He’s got your back…because his goal is to “ensure the integrity of the solar energy industry.”  And he’s serious about this…

To accomplish his goal, Chris pulled together all of his resources, expertise, and knowledge…because he wants to help you to have the knowledge to make wise, well-informed decisions…from start to finish…to convert your home to solar power with a solar installation.

He’s not involved with any solar installation company, solar distributor or solar sales force.  He’s only here for you the consumer: to arm you with the necessary knowledge you need to get solar installed on your home at the right price!

His new book, “The Homeowner’s Solar Installation Handbook: Your Comprehensive Guide to Planning, Financing and Managing Any Solar Energy Installation on Your Property,” is a comprehensive guide that will help you…every step of the way…with your solar installation.  It will literally save you from making costly mistakes.

The Homeowner's Solar Installation Handbook

The Homeowner's Solar Installation Handbook: Your Comprehensive Guide to Planning, Financing, and Managing Any Solar Energy Installation on your Property

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn…

1. Solar Power Basics.

Chris explains…in layman’s terms…exactly how the sun’s light and heat is converted into usable energy for your home.

2.  Energy Consumption in the U.S.

Chris dug up all the facts and figures from the Department of Energy and industry sources.  The data that he reveals about our energy consumption, and about solar energy in particular will be an eye opener.

3.  The 10 things you must do to your property before starting your solar installation project

Chris shares this critical list.  Complete this list and you’ll start to trim some fat from your electric and heating bills as early as next month.

4.  Need a new refrigerator, stove, washer or dryer?

Before you head out shopping, you need to get Chris’ advice to find appliances that save energy, and can be purchased at reduced prices.  You’ll reduce your energy bill, and save $100 to $200 per appliance.

5.  Your solar energy primer…

Chris explains exactly how solar energy is captured and used – and walks you through, step-by-step, the differences between solar thermal energy and solar photovoltaic systems.

6.  Yes – you can manage your solar installation project!

In The Homeowner’s Solar Installation Handbook: Your Comprehensive Guide to Planning, Financing and Managing Any Solar Energy Installation on Your Property,” Chris takes you through each step of the process.  This includes:

Sizing your solar energy system.

It’s imperative that you learn how to estimate the size of the system you require to meet your energy needs.  That way, you’ll avoid over-paying for a system that is too big – or worse yet, too small – for what you need!

This knowledge will also help you double-check your solar installer’s calculations.

Quickly Estimate the Cost of Your System.

Chris teaches you how to use an easy solar estimator to get a rough estimate of the cost of your new solar installation.  (And he’ll keep you “under the radar” – so you don’t get a barrage of emails and phone calls from aggressive sales people.)

This also includes determining how long it will take to payback your solar installation investment.  Pretty important info to evaluate before you proceed with your project…

How to Find Rebates and Incentives…

This section alone can literally help you save thousands of dollars.  There are tons of rebates for energy-saving home improvements – if you know where to find them.  Chris teaches you how to find this valuable information.

Financing Options

If you need it, there are many different ways to finance a solar installation.  Chris explains all of them – including the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

How to Find and Pre-Screen Your Solar Installer.

Choosing the right installer is critically important to the success of your solar installation.  If you’re surfing the internet for more information – most of the websites that offer “free solar information” are, in actuality, collecting your information to pass along to solar installers…in order to get a referral fee.

In The Homeowner’s Solar Installation Handbook: Your Comprehensive Guide to Planning, Financing and Managing Any Solar Energy Installation on Your Property,” Chris explains how to locate the solar installer that is right for you.  You’ll be armed with a checklist and a list of questions to ask …that will help you separate the pros from the amateurs.

Setting Up Your Site Evaluation Appointment.

To get the most from an appointment with an installer, you need to do much more than agree on a time.  You need to know what to expect, how long they will be there and what information they will need to prepare a quote.  Chris gives you an entire checklist to be well-prepared for your site evaluation.

What to Know about the Site Evaluation.

Understand what the solar installer will be doing while evaluating your property’s potential for a solar power system.  It’s much more than taking a few pictures and writing down a few notes.

Know How To Read Your Solar Quote.

The installer will provide you with a “solar quote.”  In other words, it’s a detailed description of all of the costs for your solar installation.

This might seem straight-forward, but when you start comparing quotes from several different installers – it’s easy to get confused.

In this section of The Homeowner’s Solar Installation Handbook: Your Comprehensive Guide to Planning, Financing and Managing Any Solar Energy Installation on Your Property,” Chris teaches you the important numbers to consider (especially since focusing on the wrong numbers could result in choosing a system that is not well-suited for your property).

Choosing the best installer isn’t just about the price.

As you’ll learn – there are so many factors to consider (which is why Chris created an installer ranking system).

Do you know the five most important things to discuss with your installer before they start working on your project?

You will when you’ve finished this section of the book.  This can be the difference between your project going smoothly, or you pacing the floors each night.

Know What the Installation Will Entail.

Just like a home remodeling project – converting your home’s energy to a solar system will disrupt your family’s life.  This section takes you step-by-step through the entire solar installation, so you’re not caught off-guard.

Getting Your System Approved.

Your solar system installation is not complete after the last panel is secured to your roof.  You need to know how to ensure your city and local utility company approves your system to enable you to connect to the utility grid.  It also has to pass electrical and building code inspections throughout the solar installation.  This section teaches you how to find all the information you need about permitting, licensing, and other local rules and regulations.  It also reviews the critical items you need to discuss with your solar installer regarding permitting and inspections.

Getting Your Rebate Money.

Taking advantage of rebates and tax credits is one of the best ways to offset your installation costs.  Once again, Chris has got your back.  He teaches you how to find information on all available rebates, and how to manage these to your financial advantage.

You’ll also learn where to get the best information to take to your accountant so you are “pleasantly surprised” on tax day.

7)  Next – Chris walks you through each type of solar installation – step-by-step:

- Solar electricity

- Solar water heating

- Solar space heating

- Solar pool heating

- Solar hot tubs and spas

- Solar lighting

- Solar space cooling

Each section explains in detail how the system works, the equipment that’s involved, how to find the best installation company, and all the steps for managing the solar installation project.

8)  Life After Your Solar Installation.

The best way to protect your investment is through proper maintenance.  Chris teaches you how to perform the maintenance and reveals a few little-known tricks to ensure the long life of your new solar energy system.

This ebook alone is loaded with everything you need to manager your conversion to solar power successfully and cost-effectively.

But right now – when you invest in The Homeowner’s Solar Installation Handbook: Your Comprehensive Guide to Planning, Financing and Managing Any Solar Energy Installation on Your Property,”– you’ll also get these added bonuses:

Bonus #1: The “The Homeowner’s Solar Installation Handbook: Your Comprehensive Guide to Planning, Financing and Managing Any Solar Energy Installation on Your Property Workbook.”

This tool is your ultimate organizational and planning tool.  From calculating paybacks to rating potential installers to deciphering your solar quotes – this book is jam-packed with resources to make it simple to manage your solar installation.

Bonus #2:
You’ll also get example copies of actual solar quotes that explains – line-by-line – what you’ll be getting for your investment in your solar installation.  This includes a comparison of two quotes – side-by-side.  This will teach you to compare “apples-to-apples” instead of “apples-to-oranges” when choosing your installer.

Bonus #3: All systems come with in-depth system drawings and thorough explanations so that you understand how your solar system operates and the necessary components of it.

Bonus #4: We will provide you with critical checklists to assist you in everything from qualifying your solar installer before you request a site inspection to the exact questions to ask your solar installer before and during your site evaluation to ensure you get the system you need (not the system they want you to have!).  You will also have a checklist to evaluate your solar quote to ensure you understand what you’re getting, how much you’re paying, and how much you are saving.

Bonus #5:  Special Report: “The 10 Things that Reduce Your Solar Energy System’s Performance.”

This information is critical – especially when sizing your solar energy system.  Chris explains all of the factors that have an impact.

Normally this e-book retails for $197.  (Considering what it can save you, both in installation costs and your valuable time, it’s worth at least 10 times that amount.)

But considering the current tough economy – and Chris’ passion about solar power…for a limited time…you can grab your copy of The Homeowner’s Solar Installation Handbook: Your Comprehensive Guide to Planning, Financing and Managing Any Solar Energy Installation on Your Property” right now for just $97 $37.77.

Chris is so confident that you will find this ebook to be an invaluable resource – both for your solar installation, and for years to come as you enjoy your system.

If for any reason, you don’t find “The Homeowner’s Solar Installation Handbook:  Your Comprehensive Guide to Planning, Financing and Managing Any Solar Energy Installation on Your Property” to be a helpful, money-saving resource – simply send Chris an email and he will immediately issue a full refund.

Better yet. When you complete your solar installation, and still aren’t happy, send Chris a copy of the invoice from your solar installation and he will refund you the cost of the book in full, no-questions-asked!

Isn’t that the strongest guarantee that you’re going to get what you paid for and more?!

This is the only solar power book out there that is written for the consumer, giving specific details on how to effectively manage your solar installation on your property. It’s full of countless insights that will save you thousands on your installation! Don’t miss your opportunity to get ahold of these essential time and money saving tips available to you at this outrageously low price right now.

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Thanks for helping the environment…and best of luck with your solar installation.

To your success,

Christopher Lollini
Founder and CEO
Solar Resource Collaborative, LLC
548 Market Street Suite 21341
San Francisco, CA 94104

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