Advantages of Solar Power for a Home Solar Power System

There are several advantages of solar power, but there are also a few disadvantages as well as I will discuss below. Just realize that no technology is perfect and although there are a few disadvantages, they are in no way deal breakers that will stop you from installing a home solar power system.


Reliability of a solar power system is amazing, as most can withstand even the harshest conditions. Especially solar electric systems which prevent costly power failures from occurring during time where continuous operation is critical.

Durability continues to be a big selling point for home solar power systems as most modules are guaranteed by the manufacturer to produce power for 25 years and often beyond that.

The Low Cost of Maintenance is also a plus as getting personnel and materials to remote areas for maintenance can get expensive. Home solar power systems only require periodic inspection and occasional maintenance which makes their upkeep cost much less than other conventionally fueled systems.

Speaking of fuel, there are No Fuel Costs associated with solar power systems because no fuel is required to power them. Which means no need to purchase, store, or transport fuel to ensure power production.

Sound Pollution Reduction over other systems as they operate silently with minimal moving parts.

Modularity of these systems make them very flexible when it comes to system expansion. You can install an additional module quickly and easily to increase your systems available power or heat production.

Without the need for combustible fuels, solar power systems have an added level of inherent Safety built into the system when designed and installed properly.

Home solar power systems also offer Independence from local utility companies, which is often the greatest motivator to going off-grid.

Regardless of whether you install a grid-tied or off-grid system, you have the joy of Electrical Grid Decentralization; creating your own little electric grid island under the sun. This affords you the luxury of being insulated from any grid outages.


So now that we have talked about the advantages of solar power, let’s take a look at a few of the drawbacks to solar power.

The main stumbling block for most is the Initial Cost and rightfully so. Each home solar power system should be evaluated from an economic perspective and compared with existing alternatives. However, as the cost of conventional fuel rises and the cost of solar technology continues to decrease this will become less of a problem.

The Variability of Solar Radiation Available is often a concern especially for people who live in climates where the weather is often cloudy. This affects power output for any system and will require certain modifications in system design to overcome this disadvantage.

Another shortfall of solar power systems can be their ability to provide adequate Energy Storage. Increasing the size of your battery well or adding additional storage tanks to store electricity or hot water can get costly and requires proper consideration during the design process.

Efficiency Improvements go hand in hand with installing any solar power system. Installing a giant solar power system isn’t the answer, it needs to be meet with a certain degree of energy efficiency improvements such as installing more energy efficient appliances.

Lastly, Education is still trying to catch up with the technology as few people understand the true value and feasibility of installing a solar power system on their property. This lack of information ends up slowing market and technology growth.


In summary the advantages of solar power outweigh the disadvantages. Especially when one considers that the disadvantages are things that will be overcome/mitigated eventually regardless of whether we install solar or not; the only one that isn’t changing is the variability of solar radiation of course (as the Sun won’t be changing its path across your sky anytime soon), but there is still enough solar radiation regardless of where you live on the planet to make use of all the advantages of solar energy. So don’t use that as an excuse, because it isn’t a valid one! :-)

Now that you know all about the advantages of solar power lets take a look at how solar power works and get you educated on solar power basics.