Grid Tied Home Solar Power Systems

Of the three most common types of solar electric systems two are grid-tied home solar power systems. One system includes the integration of a battery while the other is batteryless. Below is a brief explanation of these two systems to help in you understand what each system entails.

Grid-Tied Home Solar Power System w/o a Battery

Grid-tied home solar power systems (also called: grid-intertied, on-grid, or utility interactive) generate solar electricity and direct it onto your local electric utility grid. By putting electricity back onto the grid the system offsets the home or business electrical consumption and can even turn back the electric meter.

To understand more about what the benefits are of turning your electric meter backwards check out our page on net-metering.

Living with a on-grid system is just like living off of the same grid power you are now, except that the majority of your electricity is generated by the Sun’s rays vice some dirty coal power plant.

Below is a diagram displaying the simplicity of a such a system.

grid tied home solar power systems

This diagram shows a grid-tied home solar power system

Grid-Tied Home Solar Power System with a Battery Backup

The great thing about having a battery backup integrated into your home solar power system is that when a blackout occurs your system can still power your home. So while your neighbors are getting out their candles you can continue to watch your favorite movie while the storm rages on outside.

Realize however, that incorporating batteries into your system will increase the cost as they require more components. Another thing to understand is that your systems efficiency will decrease due to the added load and charging of the batteries.

If you are a homeowner that experiences regular utility outages though this might be a small price to pay to ensure you have power when you need it most making a battery backup priceless.

Below is a diagram displaying such a system with a battery back-up installed.

grid-tied solar power for your home with battery back-up

An example of a Grid-Tied Solar Power System for Your Home with Battery Back-up