Financing Your Home Solar Power Systems with Solar Power Rebates, Grants and Incentives

Financing your home solar power systems may be the one thing holding you back from finally pulling the trigger on your newly planned solar project. Well below are several resources to help you find the funding you need to get your project off the ground by way of solar power grants, solar power rebates, solar power loans, solar power tax credits and/or solar power incentives from the local or federal government.

The hands down best place to start your search however is the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE). The wonderful people at the North Carolina State University Solar Center have been kind enough to build a large database of the most up-to-date information on all the solar power grants, rebates, loans, tax credits and incentives.

The list is all inclusive and is constantly being updated, so you know you are getting the most current information. What’s also awesome is that each listing also includes the contact information right there so that you can contact a real life person to ask further questions and gain better insight as to whether your project is a good candidate.

Before you jump in though take a closer to look to take a look at all the options that might be applicable to your project before wasting your money on expensive long distance phone bills. Some will be more worth your time than others depending on the purpose of your solar project. At the same time though don’t discount an option just because you think it might not be applicable to your project. Here they are in no particular order (click on each title for more information about them):

Solar Power Financing Options

Home Equity Loan: This is a traditional home equity loan used to purchase your home solar power system…[more info]

Solar Power Loans: These loans are specifically for energy efficiency improvements and renewable energy projects…[more info]

Solar Lease: This option resembles your typical car lease…[more info]

Solar Power Grants: These are gifts of money that do not have to be paid back; however, they are often only given to worthwhile projects…[more info]

Solar Power Rebates: Rebates are just like other mail in rebate that help defray the cost of your home solar power systems…[more info]

Solar Power Tax Credits: These are tax breaks for energy efficiency improvements and renewable energy projects, just like loans…[more info]

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA): PPA’s are where someone else owns the solar system on your property while you pay them for the power it produces…[more info]

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE): With PACE you use the government as your lender and pay for you system through your property tax bill every year…[more info]

Solar Power Incentives: These are incentives (things that motivate you financially to start a solar project through tax credits, grants, loans, etc.) that the local or state government have created to entice you to go solar…[more info]

Feed-In Tariff (FIT): This is a guarantee from regional or national electric grid utilities to buy renewable energy from any eligible participant…[more info]

Now that you know how to fund your system, get moving… :-)