Solar Power Rebates Explained

Solar power rebates are just like other types of rebate that help defray the cost of your purchase, in this case your home solar power systems.

Solar rebates are often administered by local utility companies, state and local governments. These are a little more straight forward than writing a grant proposal for a solar power grant or justifying a solar power loans.

However, they can sometimes be very specific in who you can hire and what components you can use in your home solar power system. Some may require you to use a licensed contractor from their state qualified list of solar power installers. So make sure you review the rebate requirements before you get started!

Rebates also come in two types: grid-tied and stand-alone. So depending on whether your system is grid-tied or stand-alone will change the solar power rebate you are seeking.

It gets a little bit more complicated, but not much, when installing a grid-connected system because of the permitting process. This is to ensure you use components that meet the standard set by the local utility company so which will allow you to connect your system to the grid resulting in you getting paid for the energy you put back into the system!

Your installer should be familiar with the permitting process and the necessary parts for your system to be up to code to connect to the grid. Solar installers specialize in getting this paperwork done for you; in some cases you can even sign over the rebate as part of payment for your home home solar power system.

Rebates are available in 40 states, with each state having its own variety of rebates available. I would recommend you get started on your paperwork as soon as you know what system you are installing so that you can get your money sooner. Realize too that it doesn’t stop at your home solar power system. There are rebates for all types of energy saving appliances.

As stated on the previous page your best resource for finding the most updated information on solar rebates will be at the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE).

The wonderful people at the North Carolina State University Solar Center have been kind enough to build a large database of the most up-to-date information on all the solar power rebates available to you.

Below is a sample solar rebate from the DSIRE website.

solar power rebates